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Celebrating Innovation & Change in Higher Education

Elets Higher Education Awards celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of Universities, Institutions, and Higher Education Leaders across the nation in bringing change & innovation.

With these awards, digitalLEARNING, Asia & Middle East's premier magazine on innovation in education, will felicitate trailblazers from the education fraternity innovating not just pedagogy but also infrastructure and leadership in higher education.

Renowned for its transparency and authenticity, Elets Higher Education Awards will honour the real spearheads of transformation and growth at the 14th Elets Higher Education Summit on 7th October in Chennai.

Send us your nominations and grab the chance to highlight your initiatives/projects at the biggest event being attended by top leaders from the government and the entire education ecosystem.


Award Categories

  1. Impeccable contribution in Higher education
  2. Visionary Leader in innovative practices
  3. Award for Edupreneur of the year
  4. Innovative Director of the year
  5. Key contributor to research innovations
  6. Pinnacle award for iconic leader in education
  7. Educator for the year award
  8. Emerging Leader of the year in innovative education
  1. Outstanding University to register maximum patents
  2. Excellence in Industry Academia Interface
  3. Outstanding University in Training & Placements
  4. University Providing Global Exposure
  5. Emerging University in India
  6. Most Promising University in India
  7. Excellence in Medical Education
  8. Excellence in Design Education
  9. University with robust infrastructure
  10. Leading University in academic excellence
  11. Excellence in R&D
  12. India’s Leading University in Innovation
  13. University with most innovative curriculum
  14. Leading University with 100% placements
  15. Outstanding University in Online Education
  1. Most promising Tech Institute
  2. Outstanding Engineering Institute for promoting Industry Academia Interface
  3. Most Promising Engineering institute in India
  4. Engineering Institute with 100% placement
  5. Excellence in tech-savvy faculty
  6. Leading engineering institute with e-campus
  7. Excellence in Internship and Industrial Opportunities
  8. Excellence in updated curriculum & research activities
  9. Emerging Institute with Global Exposure
  10. Leading Institute with tech Infrastructure
  11. Leading institute developing entrepreneurs
  12. Outstanding Faculty amongst Private Engineering Colleges
  13. Outstanding Institute For Research and Innovation
  14. Recognition for innovative Engineering Institute
  15. Recognition for Green & Sustainable Institute
  1. Leading B-School with excellent infrastructure
  2. Outstanding B-School with global exposure
  3. Leading B-school with 100% placement
  4. Recognition for most outstanding industry-academia interface
  5. Leading institute with technology-equipped classrooms
  6. Excellence in entrepreneurship programmes
  7. Leading B- School with scholarship programmes
  8. Green & Sustainable Campus Initiative
  9. Recognition for E-campus award
  10. Outstanding management institute in India
  11. Excellence in community outreach & Online Teaching
  1. Innovation in Vocational Education and Skills Training
  2. Public-Private Partnership in the Field Of Vocational
  3. Education and Skills Training
  4. Leading Vocational Institute for Skill Development
  5. Leading School for Imparting Vocational Training and Skill
  6. Development
  7. Curriculum for Vocational Training and Skill Development
  8. Employability Enhancing Vocational Training and Skill Development
  9. Most Impactful PPP Initiative in Skill Development
  10. Digital Learning Initiative in Skill development
  11. Debutant Skill training Programme
  12. Outstanding Rural Skill Learning Institute
  1. Leading Assessment and Accreditation Platform
  2. Promising platform for Job specific courses in Core Engineering
  3. Leading Security and Surveillance Solutions Provider for the education sector
  4. Upcoming Multi-Media Content for K-12 Education
  5. Upcoming Training Provider to Working Professionals
  6. Emerging Test Preparation, Evaluation and Assessment Tool Providers
  7. Leading Interactive Solution Providers
  8. Emerging Global Campus Management Suite for Higher Education Institutions
  9. Innovative Technology Solutions for Higher Education Institutes
  10. Innovative Technology Solutions for School Education Institutes
  11. Innovative Assessment Tool Providers
  12. Innovative Technology for Engineering Institutes
  13. Accessories for Infrastructure Development in Institutions
  14. Smart Class Solution Provider
  15. Enterprise Resource Planning
  16. Innovation in Pedagogical Practices
  17. Online Education Platform Provider
  18. Innovative Marketing Agency for Education Sector
  19. Overseas Education Facilitator
  20. Leading ERP Solution Provider
  21. Leading School Security Solution Provider
  1. Outstanding Institute for Promoting Industry Academia Interface
  2. Most emerging Tech-School
  3. Outstanding Institute with best infrastructure
  4. Outstanding Institute with best placements
  5. Green Campus Initiative
  6. E campus Award
  7. Outstanding Institute for providing Global Exposure
  8. CSR Excellence in Education
  9. Most Promising institute in india
  10. Outstanding institute in entrepreneurship development
  11. Excellence in Community outreach
  12. Outstanding Institute For Research and Innovation